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Fill my slam book

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Full Name:
Nick Name
Email Address:
Home Address
Phone Number:
Cell Number:
What makes you sad?
Most Memorable moment
You love wearing?
Girl/Boy you like the most and Why?
Your Favourate Movie
What makes you Bore?
Your ambition in life?
Favourate actor?
Favourate actress?
Your dearest Pal
Love to you is?
Person you hate most and why?
Your latest news
Favourate past time?
How caz Umar be more good than he is
What you feel for Umar do u like him r not n why?
Any comments for my site?
Did you liked my site
Do you want your entry to be published in the section 'Veiw slam book'?

Thank you for filling my Slam book
i hope u hv written memorable things so i can remember then in my coming future
After filling it come agian after 4 days n see that your form is being published in the 'View Slam book'
And if you dont want then it is ok

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