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Umar is Greedy

I call my self Greedy .......Why?
When I say greedy what do I mean.
I think. you know I have read somewhere and I believe that, if you let go of greed you might as well stop living. But people assume that greed is only for money or material things. But there is greed for everything. I have greed for life I think I have very little time on this earth, because I have seen too many things that I thought were permanent, go just go like this. Whether it's my parents, whether it's their business, whether it's me being in Delhi. Whetheryou know ten years have passed. The good things go like this; the bad things go like this. They just go. So I don't know. I am not a fatalist. I am not saying that I'll die tomorrow or something but I think I have very little time and I want to push in as much as I can in that. That is the greed. Because when I go to God and I am a great believer in Allah and God. When I go to God and he asks me: "Listen I sent you to earth and I want to know what all did you do?
I want to answer him back and say ask me what I did not do, that will be easier. And I want to give that answer to him. That don't ask me ki. Yahi kiya hai kya? Main itna bheja, tu pachaas saath, satar sal ka hoke wapas aya, itna hi kiya kya? I'll say nahi. And that is the greed. The greed is not for money.
I am not greedy. I am a pious, gentle soul.
 That's peripheral. That happens.

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